Review – DLC – Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto

It’s not often I’d review a DLC given they are normally only a few hours long but I thought I’d make an acception for Episode Prompto for FFXV. Unlike it’s predecessor Episode Gladiolus, I’m only 2 hours into Ptompto’s story and I’ve already felt like I’ve got a greater understanding of his life and prequel before he joined the future king and his chums.

The happy go lucky kings guards story starts off (FFXV SPOILER ALERT!!!) just after he’s thrown off the train in the main FFXV game, supposedly by his best friend Noctis. You’ll remember that soon after, there is a scene with Noctis and Shiva thus explaining why Prompto is all of sudden freezing to death. You’ll get to control a small section where you just need to move forward as slowly as a turtle walking uphill, through inches of snow whilst Promto fights for his life against the frost. I can’t imagine it makes it any easier that he’s sporting his usual skinny jeans attire however it is very pleasing on the eyes watching him meander through the snow at all angles; I think it’s pretty obvious that I have a gaymer crush on the joker of the pack. Anyway, without giving too much away, it eventually unfolds that Ardyn saves Prompto only to send him on a wild goose chase to meet his maker in Niflheim. Shit goes down and the story unfolds quite nicely. Along the way you’ll have access to various guns such as a sub machine guns, sniper rifles and even a bazooka! As you can probably tell, this DLC is gun focussed that being Promp’s special skill.

It’s been a while since I played FFVX seen as Episode Gladiolus feels like a decade ago but that being said, I managed to jump straight into this DLC and picked up the controls fairly easily. As expected, there was a small reminder of what each button does at the start and it all just felt familiar 5 minutes in. They’ve added a manual aim button for all the extra guns that you didn’t get a chance to play with pre DLC and a handy cover button to hide behind objects when in the middle of a gunfight. You also have the use of a small knife for close combat and stealth kills but there’s no fun in that when you have a submachine gun in your arsenal. I did wonder how they’d incorporate Ptompto’s photography skills into the game and in standard Square Enix fashion, there is an option on your skill tree to take selfies mid battle with the enemy. I believe they label this as “put your differences aside and take a selfie with the enemy”, as if the Niflheim scum would agree to that? Either way is a funny addition similar to Ignis’ “Ah Ha! I’ve discovered a new RECEPEH!” and is also linked to an achievement.

There are various rest/save points around the map which take form of a vending machine that Prompto sits against to gather his thoughts and regain his health and stamina, no cooking recipes though so will have to wait for Ignis’ story later this year; not a huge loss really. You do however meet someone familiar who helps you progress through the game but I won’t spoil that if you’ve not already read about it. There is a snowmobile chase 2 hours in which reminded me slightly of the bike scene in FFVII and certain clues and Easter eggs laying around which links the world of FFXV together in regards to the film, anime and game; quite a nice touch if you like that sorta thing.

As stated, I’ve only played for a few hours however I’m really looking forward to diving deeper into the psyche of Prompto as the game switches to him as a kid and back to the present time. I would definitely recommend this DLC to fans of the FFXV universe however I am slightly bias towards anything Prompto. At this stage I’m giving this 5 bazookas out of 5, subject to change if the ending is dissapointing :p

Any comments or questions, feel free to leave below. Have a great July gaymers and guys!

Ciao for now!

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