Review – Tales From the Borderlands

Smack my arse and call me Handsome Jack!  If you’re a fan of great storytelling with a rare skill of brilliant delivery, then you should be no stranger to any Tell Tale Games series. In it’s own right, the Walking Dead series should stand out among the rest however after completing episode one alone, Tales From the Borderlands is setting to stage an upset in the ranks.

If you’re not familiar with the standard Borderlands games, it’s an exceptional FPS he with a high focus on rare and exotic loot. Each gamers experience is unique with the loot they receive, similar to that of World of Warcraft, but we’re not here to discuss the past; albeit this game is far from new. In familiar TTG style, their version of the game doesn’t actually require you to play the originals or know anything about the Gameworld. In short, this game provides you with various choices which will ultimately change the way the game ends and how the world reacts around you. More often than not, your experience of the game will not 100% match that of your friends which means that the replayability is hugely satisfying. Such choices as killing a main character or sparing their lives will either leave you without them in future chapters or allowing them to possibly help or screw you over in the later game.

You play a guy named Rhys who is trying to work his way up the Hyperion enterprise (it does help to know a little of the games world but not necessarily). In doing so, he finds his job promotion was stolen by his work nemesis Vasquez. Rhys then finds himself trying to get one over on Vazquez by stealing a huge job he has prepped for the business.

Along the way, he meets Fiona, also controlled by you, who tries to con Rhys’ con on Vasquez… Ultimately it goes tits up and the 2 along with their companions find themselves having to help each other to get themselves out of the mess they both created. They isn’t much action or strategy involved in games such as these but they really do pull on your emotional heartstrings by forcing you to make nearly impossible decisions if it were real life and you also get a short 10ish second time limit on said choices to make you sweat just that much more. Take my word for it, once you play episode one, you’ll wanna get on with the next 4 episodes similar to how you felt when binge watching Game of Thrones. In this instance however, you control the story so they’ll be no red wedding here my friend! Also *SPOILER ALERT* Neddard would still be alive…

Often giving you the sensible, stupid, funny or totally ignorance answer, the game feature various voiceovers to keep you playing until the game is over and then will urge you to play again making different choices to try and trick the game into failure, it won’t work though! Talking of voiceovers, you may notice a few familiar voices when wondering around Pandora. My favourite assuming I’m correct is the vocal cords of Joe from Family Guy voicing your nemesis Vasquez. If I close my eyes, Vasquez would be in a wheelchair making doodey in a diaper but opening them again strikes fear and makes me wanna punch the guy in his face!

Unlike the Walking Dead series, TFTB offers a few new additions to the gameplay including the use of Rhys’ scanner eye which allows you to scan objects​ for information. It also feels a little more intense and jump worthy, something TWD game didn’t really have. Suffice to say I shouted “Prick!” Loudly at the tele about an hour in after shitting myself at a classic scene only to find that one of my in-game responses to the event was “Asshole!!!”. I of course selected said response.

Ultimately there is a 10 million dollar briefcase, memorable bosses, cell shades graphics second to none and a vault key (if you know what that is) at stake from the get go. The end of the first episode does spark the return of a familiar face if you’ve played the Borderlands game so look forward to that!  I can’t wait to jump into the next 4 episodes and in case you didn’t know, this is currently free to download if you’re a PS Plus member. Even if you’re not, I’d suggest signing up even if for a month just to grab this for free before the month is over.

Should you wish to, please comment and share your opinions on this or any other game I’ve mention in previous blogs.

Ciao for now!


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