Something’s to get excited about!

So I’m kind of in between games at the moment, have just started playing Mafia 3 but I’ve been told it’s not worth writing a review about it as it’s been out for a while. I have also just completed the first DLC for FFXV but writing a review about a game that lasts an hour seems a little pointless; it’d take me longer to write it than it did to play it!

Anyway, here are a few games I’m looking forward to and hoping comes out in 2017.

Seeing as Zelda is pretty much the only game holding up the Nintendo Switch, I’m really excited for Super Mario Odyssey. Guaranteed to have the usual Mario charm, this open world Mario game is bound to keep me entertained in and out of the house thanks to the portable console. His hat actually gets some game time this time around, looks weird seeing his hair though! He’s clearly using Head & Shoulders…

Early reviews from some gamers claim that Prey is the sequel that Bioshock deserves. That should be enough to grab your attention as it did mine! Don’t get me wrong, I loved Bioshock 2 almost as much as the first but Infinite didn’t tickle my fancy as much as I had hoped. Prey on the other hand, by online video viewing, looks like it’s going to get the fear factor back up for some of us gamers but hopefully not as much as the recent Alien adventure. That’s an evil piece of work that one! I digress. I look forward to getting my hands on the weaponry this beut has to offer and kicking some alien ass! There is even a power that allows you to transform into various items including a coffee mug. I know, wtf right?

FFXV Episode Promto is going to be the next installment of the DLC pack for one of the best games of 2016. Whilst Episode Gladiolus only lasted an hour and was more action for my liking, I’m hoping this edition offers more story as not much has been told about Promto and his strange past life. Promto was my favourite character from the game so I have high hopes which means I’ll probably end up disappointed 😦

Another Switch title I am giddy about is Dragon Quest Heroes 1&2. I can just buy this for the PS4 but I’m holding out for the Switch port so I can take it around with me on the go, a dream I’ve had since I first set my eyes on FFVIII. Unlike the FF franchise, Dragon Quest has never taken itself too seriously with its cartoon graphics and whitty comic lines. It does however have a soundtrack to match most FF titles and tells epic stories which every RPG player dreams off. Getting the opportunity to play as a slime is something that baffles me as much as a Chinese finger trap but I welcome it with open arms.

With the MASSIVE success of the original game, Red Dead Repemtion 2 is pretty much a chart topper and I’ve not even seen any images or videos on the game at all! The idea of GTA in the wild west and horses instead of cars seemed ludicrous at first but it worked as well as a donkey rolling barrels down a platform at an Italian plumber. Red Dead is bound to deserve a few days out of the office to enjoy the open world its guaranteed to offer.

Its time to return to the brutal, bloody and deadly world of Mordor once again as Middle Earth: Shadow of War makes a much anticipated return to the gaming world. With loads of original ideas including the structure of its ranking officers of orcs, Shadow of War is set to hit the shelves this summer much to our excitement! There is nothing more satisfying than ripping the head off an orc leader and shaking up the ranks in the opposing army. You can also make bitter rivals who will follow you in your travels and continue to try and foil your every move. Turn the lights low, get everyone out of the house and start shredding some guts!

Last and most certainly not least, everyone loves a bit of nostalgia. Vaan and the gang are back in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. This is a spot on remastered version of the original, which has been awaited by many, is a welcome title for the FF franchise. I’m annoyed that the best combat systems in any FF games was only used in this one title but I’m so so SO excited to dive back in to give it a once over once again! Gambits are the way forward people, it was such a brilliant idea! An introduction to computer programming in gaming form if you will.

Is there anything you’re looking forward to? If so, let me know via the comments below. This year is shaping up to be pretty decent should I have the money for it! Speak soon people!

Ciao for now!

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30 something gaymer from South East London. Hoping to change the gaming world in my own special way!

2 thoughts on “Something’s to get excited about!”

  1. I disagree on the review thing. Considering I have a huge backlog of games to play, I rarely buy a new release. It’s useful to read a review +1 year later, especially once some more DLC has been released (or a GOTY edition). Although I must say, Shadow of War is massively tempting!

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    1. It’s gonna be sooooo good! I’m still gonna review Mafia 3 but I’m literally only 20 minutes in and doubt I’d get the chance to play it often over the next 2 weeks.


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