Review – Super Bomberman R

I’ve noticed that my reviews all tend to be positive, it’s probably just because I have great taste in what games to buy. This changes with Super Bomberman R. I was one of the many looking forward to reliving my childhood and getting my friends over for some Bomberman action but 2 hours in and I was already regretting the £45 price tag this game came with. Don’t get me wrong, it was brilliant to start but the appeal quickly wears thin as there didn’t really seem like there was a lot that would make me want to keep playing.

The gameplay seemed ok, there were a bunch of new levels added such as the icey floors which meant your Bomberman would slide across the stage without being able to stop. These additions did shake things up a bit but having played all the multiplayer levels, there wasn’t really any of them that stood out or had replayability. Granted, I didn’t play the story mode as I genuinely bought this game for its multiplayer features but after just 2 hours, I never once thought about going back.

The controls themselves felt a bit unpolished as they would never always do what I wanted it to do and I was using the pro controller, God help my brother and bf for using the joy cons. Suffice to say the CPU kicked our collective asses more often than not. The game just didn’t feel like it was gelling. We soon gave up and started playing Trivial Persuit and that was the end of my Bomberman Saga on the Switch. I won’t give up however, I’ve always been a Bomberman fan so future games will peak my interest, I only hope they fix what seemed like a boring experience and add a little ooomph!

It makes me happy to know I traded the game in to CEX and only lost £2 of my cash. Maybe I should check out a few more reviews before I buy in future but hey, no one is perfect 😉

Ciao for now!


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