Review – Super Bomberman R

I’ve noticed that my reviews all tend to be positive, it’s probably just because I have great taste in what games to buy. This changes with Super Bomberman R. I was one of the many looking forward to reliving my childhood and getting my friends over for some Bomberman action but 2 hours in and I was already regretting the £45 price tag this game came with. Don’t get me wrong, it was brilliant to start but the appeal quickly wears thin as there didn’t really seem like there was a lot that would make me want to keep playing.

The gameplay seemed ok, there were a bunch of new levels added such as the icey floors which meant your Bomberman would slide across the stage without being able to stop. These additions did shake things up a bit but having played all the multiplayer levels, there wasn’t really any of them that stood out or had replayability. Granted, I didn’t play the story mode as I genuinely bought this game for its multiplayer features but after just 2 hours, I never once thought about going back.

The controls themselves felt a bit unpolished as they would never always do what I wanted it to do and I was using the pro controller, God help my brother and bf for using the joy cons. Suffice to say the CPU kicked our collective asses more often than not. The game just didn’t feel like it was gelling. We soon gave up and started playing Trivial Persuit and that was the end of my Bomberman Saga on the Switch. I won’t give up however, I’ve always been a Bomberman fan so future games will peak my interest, I only hope they fix what seemed like a boring experience and add a little ooomph!

It makes me happy to know I traded the game in to CEX and only lost £2 of my cash. Maybe I should check out a few more reviews before I buy in future but hey, no one is perfect 😉

Ciao for now!

Review – Zelda: Breath of the Wild

A plethora of flawless reviews can’t be wrong and I’m only here to confirm that Breath of the Wild is a guarantee Game of the Year if not the best game of all time! Bold statement I know but know this, this one game alone is single handedly selling the Nintendo Switch out of stock globally! Sure there are a few other titles on the shelf but I can’t imagine there is anyone out there that owns a Switch and doesn’t own Zelda. So what’s the hype all about? Let me tell you 🙂

There are tons of die hard Zelda fans out there in the playground but I am not one of them. Of all the previous titles, I’ve only ever enjoyed A Link Between World’s, perhaps coz it was on the DS so I was able to take it around with me on my travels. Even then, I didn’t love it like other series titles such as Final Fantasy, Fallout, Borderlands, Saints Row and so on. The main and probably only one reason I never enjoyed them was that you could never customise your character. You were given a sword, a shield and a bow, that was it! You couldn’t upgrade or customise your characters like a standard RPG, it was more focused on the puzzles which they pulled off brilliantly. Breath of the Wild however changes this! Finally, a Zelda game you can change the items you use, upgrade your shields, use different arrows with your different bows, gain stronger swords, enhance your gears etc. Not only that, the game is completely open world, it’s a beautiful, magnificent masterpiece!


You’ll have to forgive me, even though I’ve played around 12 hours, I’m still not 100% sure on the overall story. This is purely because I’m having so much fun just roaming the vast, vibrant and side quest packed world. So far the jist I got was that 100 years ago, Calamity Ganon was on the verge of winning his battle against Link and princess Zelda. Overwhelmed by the attack, Link fell and was put into a 100 year sleep by his friends so he can return and defeat Ganon when he leasts expects it. The game begins when you wake and you’re pretty much left to do as you will. You have the basic tutorials and guidelines should you wish to follow, but if you’re like me, you’ll see something far off in the distance and see if you can actually get there. Turns out you can! Anyhing you see in the game is reachable and along the way, you’ll probably run into 20 other things you can do to keep busy and have fun with! This is why I’ve not really touched the surface of the story yet and why I predict I’ll still be playing come May if not later.


As is standard in any RPG, combat is a main feature of the game however this is no easy ride. I’ve died countless times already when I thought I was invincible running in gung-ho, guns blazing only to find one hit from an enemys club downs me like a rejection for a first date! The combat is all about reading the actions of the enemy and using them to your advantage. Luckily there is a pretty forgiving auto save feature and you can manually save your game almost anywhere in the world; you’ve just gotta remember to do so! Playing on the Switch, the loading times are also really sweet and fast given they use cartridges, not discs.

As stated above, you can upgrade your weapons as you go but each one has durability and will eventually break so it’s important to change every so often so you don’t find yourself helpless in battle. One handy way to do this is to take the weapon of your downed enemy once defeated, this is probably the primary means to gaining new weapons in your journey. There are various other ways to down a foe such as using your environment. You can roll large boulders down a cliff on an unsuspecting group below. You can shoot barrels of dynamite to expose when enemies approach. You can also use bombs that are given to you early on and plant traps for nearby patrols. Let’s not forget the bow and arrow, I find myself using this more often than I thought I would. The benifit of using different arrows also helps. Shock, fire, ice, bomb and standard. You can use these to your advantage in many a situation. Shields also come into play when blocking but that’s pretty self explanatory.

Open World

It’s the vast kingdom of Hyrule that really stands out when playing Breath of the Wild. From the moment you’re let off the starting area, you’re free to roam the whole world at your own pace. If like me you don’t fancy completing the story straight away, you can wonder off in any direction looking for things to explore. I often find myself on a path to a distant area, running into various other side quests and points of interest along the way, thus making me procrastinate. 2 hours later, I find myself at that point i originally set out for, kind of reminds me of the Witcher 3. There is so much to do ranging from gathering herbs to fighting mini-bosses and everything in between! You can tame a horse, catch fairies, go treasure hunting, paraglide off tall structures, catch fish, chop for wood, make elixers, cook dishes and much much more! 

If you can’t think of it whilst roaming the land, chances are you can do it! You’ll also have your map to hand and handy stamps you can use as markings should you wish to revisit a place later on and don’t wanna forget where it is. You also have to factor in weather, if it rains thunder and lightning, be sure not to be welding a metallic sword, shield or bow else you could fall victim to a bolt of electricity. If you’re climbing tall mountings, it could get chilly so be sure to wear warmer clothes. If traversing the desert, wear something that will help cool you down. You get the drift, failing to adhere by these rules of the world will result if you losing health rapidly so you have to think before you venture. Night and day also exists and it’s really beautiful just watching the clouds go by.

This is truly an epic open world adventure.

There is so much to keep you busy in Breath of the Wild, 18 hours in now (yes I wrote this review  a on separate days) and I’m starting to focus a bit more on the story but I can see myself playing for a good few months still. I’ve paid homage to my brothers in Final Fantasy by renaming my horses that I’ve tamed whilst I give the game a rest until the DLC comes out.

As stated above, all the reviews can’t be wrong, if you’ve not got a copy of Zelda Breath of the Wild yet, you need to hurry up and get ordering, this is one not to be missed even for the casual gamer. I know at the start of the review I said i wasn’t a die hard Zelda fan but this game has put me on the ladder. Back to Hyrule I go!

Ciao for now!

Nintendo Switch – Unboxing

So the Switch is here, I’ve eaten my Greggs and I thought I’d blog the unboxing of the console in case anyone is interested!

There were no awkward stickers to peel off in order to open the box so I’m hoping there’s nothing missing as it’d be easy to remove something before passing it onto the customer! There was however a neat little quick guide upon opening the front flap explaining how to charge, how to detatch the Joy Cons and how to enter sleep mode.

I won’t lie, the screen size of the Switch is a LOT smaller than I thought it’d be. I would go as far as to say it’s smaller than the screen you get on the Wii U pad. Notice the black border lines which makes it seem bigger but not really. The Joy Cons are neatly packed away in any case 🙂

Underneath you’ll find the rest of the accessories including the docking station, the Joy Con grips, the Joy Cons plastic holder, HDMI and charging cable. No one ever reads the instructions right?

The dock itself seems pretty handy as it comes with a little cover on the back which I assume is to help keep the cables neat and tidy. Not 100% sure what the USB port is for but there are also 2 on the left hand side of the dock. Time will tell I guess…

As for the Joy Cons, they are actually quite comfortable when attached to the plastic grip holder thingy. It does feel really cheap being just a bit of plastic but comfy none the less. Same goes with the console attached, feels playable and easy to get used to whilst on the move. The arm band straps though, I guess it’ll do for using then as seperate controllers however if trying to use both, there is nothing from keeping them still other than your own personal will. It felt like I had to add quite a bit of pressure to remove them, almost like I was gonna snap it. It’s much smoother removing the JCs from the console and plastic grip so I dunno why these were harder. Still a nice feature to split your control into 2 for multiplayer action 🙂

On the back of the console is a little stand to help keep this upright whilst on the go. A nice feature yes but having a Microsoft surface has made me expect more as the stand on that goes all the way down to let you view at different angles. The stand on this only opens ever so slightly so you can only play looking at the screen on a dead on horizon view. I won’t be able to look at it say of I was looking down at a certain angle unless I then put it flat on its back. Helps with posture I guess 😛 the buttons are self explanatory with the usual power and volume. Behind the stand is the slot for your Micro SD card for memory expansion and at the top is the cartridge slot and what looks like the fan to keep it from overheating. Annoyingly, the charging slot is at the bottom so you can’t charge it if you’re using the stand (unless of course you buy another accessory that allows you to do both, cheeky!).

I guess all that there is left for me to do it set it up and play! Blog review of the Switch, Zelda and Bomberman to come soon no doubt.
Ciao for now 🙂

Review – The Cave

I was looking for a filler game to keep me occupied until the Switch comes out on Friday so whilst I was scrolling through my download list, I came across The Cave, another smash hit from the creators Double Fine. Going in blind, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I didn’t know what type of game this was or anything to do with the story, the only thing I knew was that it was a free game as part of the Xbox Live Gold pass.

I was very excited when I found out that this was a puzzle game but even more exciting was the fact that it was a clever puzzle game. The aim is to choose 3 of the 7 characters available and go on a hunt to bring back 3 artifacts based on the characters you’ve chosen. Each character has a unique ability to help them on their unique stages that were design for themin mind. The cave itself contains 10 levels, 1 unique for each character and 3 generic for everyone to enjoy. The team will have to work together to help each other traverse the dangers that lurk within. For example, 1 character will have to hold a switch down to allow the other 2 to go through a door. The other 2 will then have to find a way to get the first guy through. It’s very well thought out and you can switch characters with the flick of a button on the d-pad. The character you get to chose from each have a little back story which is narrated through the voice of the Cave. With a few jokes thrown in, the guidance offered by the Cave is very welcoming and helps the game move along through its story.

The Knights story involves him trying to win the heart of a princess so her father allows him to try his hand at pulling Excalibur from the stone. The Adventurer explores a pyramid to collect an ancient artifact. The Monk seeks enlightenment and wishes to become the master of his field. The Twins wants to plays as every child does bit is held back by their parents, how can they solve that I wonder? The Hillbilly wishes to win a prize at the carnival to impress a lady friend. The Scientist wants to launch a nuclear missile on the world thus gaining lots of cash. The Time Traveller needs to work her way through time to gain fame. She was my favorite one actually as her level consists of 3 moments in time. Prehistoric, present and future. If you move a rock in the prehistoric time, it changes what happens in the present and future. If you kill a dinosaur, it ends up being oil in the present and so forth, you get the point.

I’ve just finished playing all 7 characters via 3 playthroughs but I can still see myself going back before Friday as there are still other achievements I wish to collect. The replay value is shockingly good as each playhrough will take around an hour and a half to complete so you won’t be losing too much time.

If you were one of the lucky ones to add this to your download list when it was free, it’s defo worth the time to play. Failing that, I’ve noticed there is an app on the Google Play store for £2.30. I’m not sure how this plays given I was using the Xbox One pad as opposed to a mobile screen. It was actually a 360 game but worked with the backwards compatibility feature on the Xbox. The graphics are easy on the eyes and the level designs are very well thought out and structured. The design will change slightly depending on the 3 character gets you choose so it works pretty well.

The Cave gets my seal of approval even if it’s just for a time filler, it’s worth the hours.

Ciao for now!

Hype of the Wild!

So it’s 6 days and counting until the release of the muchly anticipated Nintendo Switch and I for one am hyped up as much as I was for Fallout 4 and GTA5. Am I as excited as I was for Final Fantasy 15? Not really no, that $hit was another level stuff! 

Anyway, so I’ve preordered it from my local Sainsbury’s for the fact that I can use my employee discount to get 10% off the £279.99 price tag. I also get to use up my Nectar points that I’ve saved up, so far totalling just over £80. On top of this, I have a “love” card, it’s another employee reward scheme. You do great work, people top up your love card. So all in all, I’m gonna get the console for around £100, not too shabby! On top of the console, I’ve pre-ordered Super Bomberman for that all important multiplayer experience. If you’ve never played a Bomberman game before, the premise is that you’re on a fixed stage, roughly 15×15 squares, you have bombs and you’ve gotta blow your opponent up. Simple no? Throw in the odd power up to make your flames bigger, make you run faster, make your controls backwards etc.

I did also pre-order Zelda – Breath of the wild (of course) however I received an email from Amazon to say the ETA was March 4th!? Amazon are generally good with these things but I’m not waiting a day longer to get my grubby mitts on it! So I’m basically hoping they have it in stock at Sainsbury’s else I’ll have a walk to my nearest GAME.

I’ve not decided to order another controller yet as they seem extortionately expensive so I will hold out and hope there is a deal in the coming days. Failing that, I’ll just give in and buy one so I can 4p with my mates on Bomberman.

I was considering Mario Kart but I can’t justify the costs when most of my friends still have it and still play it on the Wii U, I don’t think any of them will buy the Switch. There just isn’t enough changes to make me wanna make the switch (see what I did there?) 😉

Nothing else I wanna buy Switch wise at the moment, no doubt Elder Scrolls and Dragon Quest will cross my path one day but that’s all for now, need to save money for my house deposit!

Lemme know your gamertag once you’ve signed up and I’ll add you to my list 🙂

Ciao for now!

Pokémon Go – Gen 2

So gen 2 of Pokémon Go has been released last Friday and I’ve pretty much spent the last 3 days trying to catch the new pesky little creatures as well as finishing off the gen 1 bunch.

It’s seems as if they are favoring the new bunch over the old as when I walk around, more often than not, I’d see the new lot. Maybe this will change in time so I’m trying to get most of them now whilst I can.

Additionally, they have also added special items such as the sun stone and upgrade. These special items allow you to evolve your current Pokémon to special creatures such as Bellossom and Porygon 2. You can get these rare items from spinning Pokestops so get out there and start exploring again.

Other additions include having the ability to change pokeballs quicker and additions to the berrys that you can feed the critters.

Below is just a couple more screenshots of my captures so far but there are still loads more to go. As they say, gotta catch em all!

Ciao for now!

Quick Review – Little Big Planet 3

Whilst the game is currently free to download if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, I thought I’d give it a quick once over for those of you that actually read my posts.

Having played LBP3 at my friend’s house on Saturday night, I was actually considering buying it off the PS store when I got home. Imagine my surprise when I found out it was free as I am a subscriber to PS Plus! Jumped straight into the 2 player co-op with my bf and loved every second of it. If you’re not familiar with any of the LBP games before this, its your basic platformer game with a few twist thrown in to keep it fresh. I did actually get it just for the co-op aspect but single player can be quite fun too. During its 6ish hour campaign, you get to control and customise 4 characters all with different abilities to help you solve the unique puzzles they have to offer. It’s just a shame that the 3 additional characters you earn aren’t used a lot as the levels designed for them seem a lot more fun than the standard.

Outside of the story mode, there lies the games stronger point. At your fingertips you have your own level creator which allows you to use the items you collect in game. Almost everything you see in the campaign mode can be used in the level editor mode, even the sounds. These can then be uploaded for others to play and vice versa; there are LOADS of custom levels too play making the game pretty much endless. I’ve not even begun to properly play with level creator feature yet but I have played other peoples levels and from what I saw, there is so much depth! It even lets you use up to 16 layers to further increase the complexity of your creation.

The wooly style graphics are a beaut to look at as you traverse each puzzle and is a change from most flat platform games you would have played. Another selling point is the fact that you can buy costumes using coins you find in game and change the look of your sackboy at will. You can edit your character in many ways to find a look to suit you and the game constantly adds content featuring some of your beloved genres such as Metal Gear Solid, Marvel, DC, Frozen etc.

At my friends house, we did notice a lot of bugs such as lag, characters falling through stages and glitches but none of them ported over to my copy so I can only imagine these were fixed in the latest updates.

It’s well worth a download if you can snatch it for free on PS Plus else I was actually willing to pay the £15.99 price tag. Let me know what you think!

Ciao for now!